Fifty Lifty, Jug Night & Aussies


How's it going?

Oh, I know it's been a long time. Verlegen

Never mind, now I'm back. So much stuff happened in the last few weeks and I wasn't really able to write all the things down. 

Today is my first day off after 2 f**king weeks of working in the cold. I really love my Job, my Liftis and Sunshine but you probably know how it sucks when you have to work through like that. 

Works starts normally at 8 am and it begins with changing your clothes, grabing your ski/snowboardstuff ( So you can ride down at the end of your shift) and going to the morning meeting where my Supervisor or one of the Foremen reminds you of ABC's of Loading, Safety crap & of other stupid shit. 

When you're good to go to your lift, you start it, do the switch check, some ramp maintenance and check the stopping distances. Someone goes up to the top and does the same there.

Ok, you have propably no idea what I'm talking about, just wanted to let you know. ;)

Last Friday was Jug night. BEST DRINKING GAME EVER! This is a game that's every second Friday when we get our paychecks. Meanwhile those two weeks you can jug anyone at work for shitty stuff they did. For instance, Lifty Loving - means that two lifties hooked up - , someone got hit by a liftchair or for beeing a Cheerleader in Highschool. There are actually no rules, so you can jug anyone for anything. If you've been jugged you have to buy on Jug Night so many jugs you've been jugged for. Last Night I've been jugged for missing last Jug Night and for doing some crap on my lift -.- Wasn't really that bad, but happens. Sounds confusing, I know that. 

Those nights escalate quickly and they usually end up with aussies drinking out of their shoes. YummyUnschuldig

LOVE my Aussies :) They're crazy outgoing, freakin' open minded people. :D

I'm gonna leave Banff on January because I need some change. Got an Internship on a Ranch in Golden Bridge. As long as I'm here I'm gonna enjoy the time and spent some time with my lifties & roomies.:)

Catch ya' later.

Hairdresser Smalltalk & Tim Hortons


ByeBye Banff


Finally I'm back in Van.

After a lovely and amazing busdrive trough the Rocky's ( I know, I drove trough it before but not at daytime), Hannah picked me up in Downtown where she lives now. It's like the 17. floor in Coal Harbour, near by the water. On the same evening we went to the "Famous Warehouse" where food is pretty cheap, like 5 bugs for a whole menu. Became my favorite Bar/Restaurant here and I went there like 4 times this week :D We got straight to "The Beaver" where we had a "keen" beer - 6 $ for a cup. Ladies and Gents, let's give a hand to this one. Also, I met Kaz there again, a japanese guy who I got to know a felt hundred times.

I had the feeling that my hair got too messy over here and there was the time for a change. Decision was made: Hairdresser, here I come! But a few questions stuck in my head - Who, Where & What? 

Google is your friend! :)

My research said that near to Gass Town would be a Hairdresser School where I could save a lot, A LOT, of money. Normally a haircut here costs like 40-100 $. At JCI's (John Cassablanca's Institute) I could get one for 10. First step was taken.

Megan was the one who should change my Hairstyle and she did it so well! For a hairdress student, she was awesome. :) Well, it took like 3 hours to get the cut first, but it was ok. The cut wasn't enough. More change,please! And I got it.

So, what did I do with my hair? :D Yeah, that's a question I won't answer yet. Maybe someday, when I want to.


One thing here is really really bad. I mean like a horrible trap for people who got endless time and nothing to do. If I was a midge, that would be my midgelight...

Donut-Heaven, Coffe-Paradise, Weight-Increaser.

Tim Hortons.

It's cheap & delicious. Worst combination ever!


That's it from Van. Bye, Guys.

Lazy Town


So, I'm almost 4 weeks in the country of Bears, Deers and Wolfs. It doesn't seem to be that long: shows how the time is rushing. 

Honestly? Banff is not that exciting anymore because it feels like I've seen everything here. Of course, the town is cute and the people are amazing but I'm getting more bored day by day. Sounds pretty depressing, I know :D Guess, It's because I miss work. 


Whatever, let me tell you about the awesome stuff here :)

If you know 'How I met your mother' then you know a little bit 'bout how life in Banff is like. The street names are pretty easy: Begins with Wolfstr., Beaverstr., Wolverinestr. and so on :D They're just named after animals. I'm not wondering anymore if anybody says: Let's meet at Squirrel & Deer. Was kind of confused the first time I heard that. 

One important point - or more thing - here are the candy stores. Good example for that is the Harry Potter Sweet shop. At least I call it like that. Just imagine when you get in one of those stores you're definitely in a different world :D Oh, I need to take a picture of it so you can imagine better :) 

Did you hear of free refill? Me neither :D Well, up until now. 

When you eat at a restaurant and you order a coke or something you get a free refill if you want. So the drinks are a little bit more expensive but you can drink as much as you want. That's a normal thing in whole Canada. Gets a LIKE! Lachend

Although,I feel already home, I need to see Vancouver again before work starts.I can't hang around the next week and do nothing. Yeah, 800 km to Van and 800 km back to Banff is not that little to drive, but still better than to be in Lazy Town

When I get back here I have to buy skis for work. Have no idea what, where and how. I will find out, hopefully. :D Additionally, I need to find a room for rent. Blablabla, there is just boring grown up stuff on my To-do list.

So far, so good. Unentschlossen Think that's all about my boring life in Canada :D 

Kind regards to everybody.


Makes me wanna have boobs.


Bad News: 

Someone else got my Job because he gave his resume earlier to the owner than I did. 

Whatever. I wasn't that excited 'bout that one, so who cares? :)

Yesterday we visited an apartment in Coal Habour, Downtown. It's near to everywhere you wanna go in the city.So we met Curtis - the owner - at Robertsstreet and he showed us the room. Was a cool apartment but too small for us. Curtis moved 2 months ago from Toronto to Vancouver, he's 25 and working at a Gym. We'll meet him tonight for a drink with other Canadians.

Today we visited another flat which seemed to be great to us on craigslist. Ricardo admited fast that we could get the room if we want to. 

About the Apartment:

Got a Pool, Whirlpool, great view, dishwasher, laundry, big kitchen, balcony, w-lan etc.I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna take it. Depends on the job situation and so on.

Now I'm gonna tell you why I chose this Subtitel:

Met a gay couple at the new Victoria Secret store and they told us that's so awesome in there that it makes him wanna have boobs.

Quote of the Day!Geld



For anything? For anything.


Yeah. Hm, where do I start? 

First one: I'm never gonna take a night train again. Even though it was funny because I shared my cabin with a nice couple. But I would say " Worst Night Ever". I couldn't take a nap or anything that comes near to sleep. That took 8 hours.

So, next one.

I was happy when I finally arrived at the airport at 7 a.m.. You know, I thought so much about what could probably go wrong, but the first step was made and my courage regarding completing this trip raised. After I waited about 4 hours for my tripcompany, we checked in and flew 10 hours. No sleep, but crying kids everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

And I was even happier as we arrived in Vancouver. 

No accidents and No embarrissing moments! Wooop.

Up until that moment where I thought it would be great to run with the highest speed against a pole. The screaming lady at the immigrants counter was crying for joy because of me. Yep, Saskia gets them all.Cool

And again, I waited a while for my working holiday visa. The policemen didn't think it was necessary to get more than one guy for work to exhibit this thing for about 40 Work & Traveler.

Whatever. Anything else went well. The canadians are such a nice folk! 

And now I will get finally some sleep.Tomorrow will be the workshop 'bout living here etc..

<3 Love, Guys!


PS: Sorry for my english. 

Yes or No? Who will know.


I actually started thinking ‘bout my probably life-changing adventure. There are just a few days left, so I decided to start my explorer diary.

It’s important, isn’t it? All the stuff that you have to cross off your To-do-list before you can start. So guys. It’s becoming reality and I’m getting really nervous. Tuesday the 17th - Doomsday.

  • Am I gonna miss my train or - worse - my plane?
  • Will I get the Working Holiday Visa at the office?
  • And how embarrissing will the first days be?

Hope these are questions I can answer very positiviely.

Wish me luck! See ya Cool